A Home Away from Home


Socialising for a Lifetime

The local pub is more than just a convenient place to eat and drink. It is a gathering place for people who prefer a comfortable setting to be social. They can gather at the bar and discuss their favorite sports teams. Old friends have a place to meet and reminisce about days gone by or people who have moved on. Young people have a place where they've grown up and gotten to know everyone. It is a place where life continues to happen and people can age in company.

Pubs offer a wide variety of companionship for many different age groups. Youngsters are allowed in pubs, and special rooms are often provided to accommodate their needs. Once they've grown up, they are welcomed into the main rooms. When two of these new adults begin seeing each other, it is often no surprise to the older people of the pub who have been watching them for years. This is a building where the community is integrated through all age groups into an extended family.

Special events often take place at pubs. Two young people who have grown up together will often spend a great deal of time at their favorite pub. When they decide to marry, this is the place where all their friends are accustomed to being together. It makes sense to hold a ceremony and reception where everyone is comfortable. Pubs are the perfect spot for these types of occasions. They are natural gathering places and experienced in providing good food for large groups.

Spending time in a favorite pub is a social ritual. While eating and drinking are part of the draw, the community of regulars is the most important factor. Growing through life in a pub is a wonderful way to share the ups and downs of life with favorite people. It is a place where old and young can mix companionably and share their wisdom with each other in harmony.